I’m excited to report that, last January, a photograph of mine was selected from amongst many candidates for the 2020 New Year’s Cover photo of a FB Group called MAD Vettes (My American Dream.) In this post, I’ll tell a little bit about my car, my photograph, and my camera. The Swan Song of Front Engine... Read More

Photo of a lightning strike on a red sky

How Shelley and His Protagonist Potentate Became My Self-Fulfilling Prophecy “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!” You may recognize that as the pivotal line in Percy Shelley’s eponymous, Nineteenth Century Sonnet, Ozymandias. I’ve often thought about the poem and it’s meaning, hoping to get some modicum... Read More

Image of a glass photo sphere on top of coiled material

How I Left The Stress Behind and My Search For Photographic Self Discipline “Freedom is hazard!” I’ve heard it said and cannot disagree. The speaker was referring to human freedom, but I’ve found it applies to every kind of freedom, like the freedom of walking away from that nine-to-five cook-top that boils so many of... Read More